Machina de Facto, 2019

Machina de Facto presents current forms of artificial intelligence to a wider audience. The installation presents in concrete ways how machines are able to create entirely new realities. A central element of Machina de Facto is the Ten Second News which creates a new news headline and image every ten seconds. The neural network used in the installation has utilized over 100000 real news headlines which have been scraped from 173 different english language RSS feeds during the last two months. The installation positions itself between truth and untruth. Artificial Intelligence is present in all elements of the installation, and is processing and altering facts which appear seemingly familiar. From what and how can we detect facts when our entire world is fully of information? Truth does not appear to be the same to all of us.

All aspects of the installation, including sound, videos and the typeface used in the nameplate have been created using various neural networks. The installation utilizes the following open source code technologies: OpenAI GPT2, GoogleAI Magenta and Joel Simon Artbreeder. The installation also utilizes the Nqgan network by Hannu Töyrylä.

Neural network images, animation, sound and text
Augmented Reality with Arilyn app
Metal structure

2019, Oodi Public Library, Helsinki, Finland